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The marketers of Coal Combustion Products have decided to strengthen the marketing efforts and reactivated the former BVK („Bundesverband Kraftwerksnebenprodukte“).

At an extraordinary general meeting of the 40 years old former association BVK the members have decided to align wider and european in product range and membership structure. For more than 40 years, the operators of coal-fired power plants, marketers of power plant products or companies, which keep other products from thermal processes in the economic cycle, are represented as members in the business platform.

It was decided, too, to start the relaunch with a new name:

"WIN - Wirtschaftverband Mineralische Nebenprodukte e.V." is the (business) association for mineral by-products registered in Germany which is active since January 2016.

Burkhard Jakobuß (BauMineral GmbH) as chairman and Andreas Hugot (STEAG Power Minerals GmbH) as vice-chairman were elected for three years to the board. New managing director is Thomas Kaczmarek. He has successfully led the national concrete marketing in germany during the last ten years.

The mission of the association is to ensure the mineral by-products as valuable secondary raw materials in the economic cycle. In addition, WIN promotes the development of new usability in production (cement or concrete) and applications (construction industry) and always with a view of the environmental benefits.

WIN engages in nationwide and European level in industry-related policies and regulations and advises authorities, companies or engineers.

One of the first steps is to reposition the product advantages to the professionals. This includes the sustainable aspects of reducing CO2 emissions in the production (cement and concrete), the excellent characteristics in concrete as a product and in the buildings of concrete with flyash.

With the publishing of technical informations on all media, with the collaboration in political and technical committees and with the cooperation to other associations and institutions, the position in the branch of industry will be strengthened again.

In a recent study of the German Association Materials - Nonmetallic Minerals is e.V. based on the overall economic development, the demand for mineral primary and secondary raw materials and by-products in Germany is calculated until 2035.

Here you can order the literature „Handbook on fly ash in concrete“ [Verlag Bau+Technik; ISBN 978-3-7640-0527-6]:

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